Rolling Tool Rack Follows Your Workbench

Rolling Tool Rack Follows Your Workbench

Like a lot of woodworkers, I prefer to keep my workbench out in the open, away from the wall, so I can access it from all sides. To keep my favorite hand tools within reach, I adapted James Krenov’s classic sawhorse design to create this rolling rack. It can go wherever the bench goes or roll out of the way.

To turn the sawhorse design into a tool-storage rack, I made a few slight changes. First, I built it taller and offset the feet. The longer ends go under the bench so there is less sticking out to trip me up. Then, for tool storage, I screwed a shelf to the top rail and a panel to the uprights. Last, I screwed an extra strip to the back of the uprights, creating a narrow space where I hang handsaws and other long tools.

— Jim Hennefield, Little Neck, N.Y.

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