About Us


Since that day in 2015, Timber Preservation Society has evolved into a 21st-century media company with category-leading brands that inspire and inform.

We’re known for our iconic discussion themes –Project & Plans, How-To, Shop Tips and Tools and Materials and our related line of books. We’re constantly meeting the demands of the enthusiasts we serve.

Our Mission

Timber Preservation Society is in the business of providing high-quality, high-value information to special-interest enthusiasts – people who have made a commitment in time and/or space to learning about and practicing their craft and express their creative imaginations. Our five fields of focus are: woodworking, home building, cooking, gardening, and garment sewing.

Profit is our measure, not our motive. If we all do our jobs well, we’ll be profitable and generate the capital to try new ideas and create new things. We grow not only because we keep creating new things of some value to society, but because if we don’t, we’ll stagnate. A growing workplace in one that vital and creative people find challenging, rewarding and fun.